Travel Trade Athens, the City of Athens’ signature B2B workshop, hosts selected international buyers focusing on Athens and Greece.

Travel Trade Athens is organized by This is Athens-Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACVB), under the umbrella of the unique private-public partnership This is Athens & Partners, offering international travel trade and MICE professionals the opportunity to develop first-hand business relationships with leading suppliers from Athens and the rest of Greece. With over 15,000 pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings in the past six years, Travel Trade Athens has attracted more than 500 selected hosted buyers from 35 countries representing Europe, USA, Asia and other strategic markets.

During Travel Trade Athens, hosted buyers have the opportunity to visit significant city sights and attractions, inspect meeting venues and get acquainted with all the benefits and competitive advantages of the Greek capital. In addition, they are able to meet Greek tourism professionals in pre-scheduled meetings and achieve better networking by attending tailored tours and special events.
For suppliers, Travel Trade Athens offers them the chance to attend at least 12 pre-scheduled 14-minute meetings with top MICE, corporate and leisure buyers from across the globe. Even more, they have the chance to further network over lunch, coffee breaks as well as the farewell dinner.


“Travel Trade Athens is helpful for all tour operators that do their business in Athenes and surroundings area. Thank you for this opportunity.”

Lukas Neveceral, Victoria Travel Agency


“A great event that really showcased what Athens as a city has to offer and the suppliers that can make our clients' experience of this city even better.”

Marcus Hunt,


“Travel Trade Athens is the perfect event to meet professionals of the travel industry in Greece.”

Anetta Szczesna, AS Travel


“This Travel Trade Athens gets better and better every year. A must go workshop for anybody who works with Greece.”

Francesca Smiderle, Explorica Inc.


“Travel Trade Athens opened for me the destination - Athens and Greece. In spite of short time it was organized so properly that I could find a lot of suitable potential partners and now the destination quite well. I can even state that I left the event with 4 days incentive programme for our partners in my mind. Good job, Dear organizing committee!”

Elmar Guliyev, Bakcell


“The quality of suppliers was excellent.”

Melanie McIlroy, Craig Travel


“Arrived as a visitor, after the event, I left as a destination specialist. Thanks to all suppliers.”

Myo Aung, Visita Travel



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