Each year, more and more travelers are choosing Athens for their leisure and business travel all year round. And it’s no wonder. Athens combines the qualities of a modern metropolis with those of a rich archaeological past, evident in all parts of the city. Some  of  humanity’s  most  exciting  ideas  were  born  in  Athens,  and  from  here  they  were  shared with the world. This could be due to the fine weather; or the inspiring scenery; or, if you prefer, the Athenian attitude towards life. Whatever  the  reason,  great  ideas  seem  to  have  always  reached  the  most  distant  places  when  coming  from  this  unique  place  of  Europe. 

Today, it is this same quality that turns all conventions into big successes. From Plato’s “Symposium” to the contemporary international, European and national meetings of various fields, the “innate Athenian capacity for social gatherings” makes you bring out the best in yourself, turning every convention into a rare experience. Enhanced by  its  state-of-the-art  venues and  facilities,  Athens  today  can  meet  the  demands  of  any  event  and  always  deliver  an  impeccable result.

Characterized by a culture and as well as people that are welcoming and hospitable (filoxenia) every visitor is made to feel at home.



  • Athens offers a variety of things to see and do, and more often than not, under favorable weather conditions. Boasting a history of 5,000 years with monuments incorporated into the modern city, coupled with world class museums and a vibrant contemporary cultural life, Athens is a stunning destination. If you add to this the city’s lively nightlife – numerous bars and clubs for all tastes - and Mediterranean cuisine, you get some idea of how many different segments of the tourism market it can cater for.
  • Athens is considered one of Europe’s safest capitals and its state-of-the-art transport network allows for easy and quick transportation at a very low cost.
  • Is probably the single European capital where it takes you less than 30 minutes from the vibrant city center to get either to the beach or to the mountains. It takes less than 2 hours drive from the capital to reach places that have both archaeological or historical interest and exceptional natural surroundings such as Sounio, Nafplio or Delphi. Hydra, Spetses, Aegina and Poros – four small and picturesque islands of the Saronic Gulf– are also ideal for daily tours, since there is a regular service from the port of Piraeus every day.
  • The city’s  geographical  position  and  its  proximity to areas such as the Balkans, the Mediterranean and the Middle East provide easy, and in  many  cases,  very  affordable  access  for  delegates   coming   from   economically   developing    Since it’s opening in 2001, the multi-awarded Athens International Airport (AIA) “Eleftherios Venizelos”, is one of the fastest growing airports in the world. Year by year the airport enriches its network with new carriers and destinations.
  • The variety in state-of-the-art meeting venues is such that you are sure to find a venue tailored to your needs. Today there are 40 Conference Exhibition Centers and 89 Hotels with meeting facilities offering the latest technology and high quality services.
  • Athens and the greater Athens region offer a total of 32,602 rooms in 666 hotels of various categories. What is even more important is the fact that the majority of this infrastructure constantly continues to improve the services and facilities provided.


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